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Importance of Pastures

Pasture is the main feeding source for livestock, providing the right quantity of quality nutrients, especially at a low cost, which are the key words for the success of any production system. However, in order to achieve these characteristics, it is necessary to treat pasture as a crop.

Advances in the development of more productive crop varieties and the need to increase meat and milk production require soil fertilization for the establishment and use of pastures, since the increase in the cultivation of grass requires a greater amount of macro and micronutrients.

Advantages of fertilizing pastures:

  • Higher sustainability of the production system.
  • Better establishment of pastures.
  • Increase in the regrowth of pastures.
  • Higher support capacity of farms.

Importance of Nutrients:

Pasture production is limited by the least available nutrient in the soil, even if all other nutrients are available in adequate quantities.

What is the FH Pastagem line?

The FH Pastagem line provides all the necessary nutrients according to the type of soil and technological level of the farm.

What does the FH Pastagem line provide?

Adequate levels of macro and micronutrients for planting and covering pastures.

Advantages of the FH Pastagem line:

  • It allows a balance among the nutrients for pasture.
  • It can be used at any intensification level of farms.
  • Flaky product, which makes application easier.
  • Easy to store.
  • Best cost-benefit ratio.

Examples of Formulations

Element %
Nitrogen 02
Total P2O5* 31
Citric acid-soluble P2O5 16
Water soluble P2O5 10
Cálcium* 23
Sulfur* 6.5
Zinc* 0.27
Boron* 0.05
Copper* 0.02
Manganese* 0.06
Molybdenum* 0.003

Element %
Nitrogen 03
Total P2O5* 31
Citric acid-soluble P2O5 22
Water soluble P2O5 17
Cálcium* 15
Sulfur* 8.5
Zinc* 0.76
Boron* 0.15
Copper* 0.06
Manganese* 0.17
Iron* 0.25
Molybdenum* 0.008

* Small variations in the guaranteed amounts of these nutrients may occur due to alterations in raw material content. The precise guaranteed amounts will be stated on the invoice and the product label, in accordance with fertilizer legislation.

** Contains NATURAL REACTIVE PHOSPHATE (DJEBEL-ONK, ALGERIA). Guarantee of phosphorus soluble in 2% citric acid at 1:100, in accordance with fertilizer legislation.

"Brazil has the largest commercial livestock in the world, with beef and milk production contributing substantially to the generation of wealth for the country. In this context, pastures make up the base of the national livestock production system. In order to support Brazilian agriculture, Fertilizantes Heringer S/A implemented the Center for Handling and Fertilizing Pastures (CEMAP), which aims to provide practical and objective information about the rational handling of pastures.”

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